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How to Contribute ETH to the Collective
How to Contribute ETH to the Collective
Here's how to put your money into the shared wallet
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Here's how to contribute money into the Collective:

1) Go to your Collectives dashboard (far right on top menu).

2) Click the Collective you want to contribute to.

3) Click the contribute button.

4) Read and understand the Terms of Service.

5) Read and understand the risks of Collectives.

6) Connect your crypto wallet.

7) Contribute Ethereum by choosing the amount, clicking confirm, and approving the transaction in your crypto wallet.

8) Wait for the transaction to clear.

9) When you see this message, you'll know that your contribution was successful.

10) If you'd like, make a proposal for how the Collective should use the funds in the share wallet that you just contributed to.

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