Hosting events is a fun way to engage the community, meet new people, and build strong relationships. This guide will outline how you can successfully create an event on Upstream.

Virtual Events on Upstream:

What are they?

Upstream’s Virtual Events are a fusion of the best parts of IRL networking. The event happens in three parts: 1) Pre-Event Audio Lobby, 2) Speaker Interview, 3) Speed Networking.

Attendees gather in a virtual, audio-only lobby before the event, then watch the event host and guest speaker have a conversation, and then do a series of 1x1 video breakouts with other attendees of the event.

The length of the event, number of 1x1 breakouts, and guest speaker is all up to the host.

Creating Your Event:

  1. Head over to On the events page, click ‘Create Event’ located on the right hand side of the Upcoming Events title.

2. Once you click the icon, choose your event’s visibility.

3. Next, you will choose the format of your event (virtual or in-person), your title, and description.

4. Choose the start time and end time. If you’re hosting a virtual event, you’ll also choose the number of matches and minutes per match.

5. Once you click ‘Save,’ your event will be live on Upstream.

*Tip* You can also edit your event any time by clicking the edit button after you publish the event.

Reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] if you have any additional questions!

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