Wondering what the "call remote contract" command does? This article will break down what this command is and how to use the command in your Collective.

The Call Remote Contract command allows you to link your Collective to Wallet Connect and interact with other applications directly using your Collective. Think buying an NFT on Open Sea or claiming an airdrop directly to the Collective's Vault -- all while preserving the voting requirements and multi-sig security features of your DAO.

There's also a step-by-step tutorial on the process:

1. Navigate to your Collective's Dashboard.

2. Click "Create"

3. Click "Add Command"

4. Click "Call Remote Contract"

5. Click "WalletConnect"

6. Click "Copy to clipboard"

7. Double-click this text field.

8. Click this text field.

9. Click this text field.

10. Once your Collective is connected you'll see this confirmation screen.

Navigate back to OpenSea

11. Click "Accept and sign"

12. Congrats! Now you can use your DAO on the platform.

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