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Upstream Collective FAQs
Upstream Collective FAQs
Everything You Need to Know About Upstream Collectives
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Using the Call Remote Contract command on Upstream
Do Collectives cost money to create?
Do you offer legal support?
Can I use the same email address to join multiple Collectives?
Is there any customer service/support available to answer questions regarding Upstream Collectives? Or do you provide any consulting services?
Will you be implementing two-factor authentication on the Upstream site?
What blockchains are currently integrated with your Collective feature?
To change my delegations in the Collective, it costs gas. Any way to sign for free?
Will I be alerted when I need to vote in the Collective?
How to Contribute ETH to the Collective
Can you vote on proposals from your phone?
Can you access the Collective when your wallet isn’t connected to Upstream?
What are batch proposals?
Can I white label my DAO on Upstream?
Is voting on-chain or off-chain?
How does governance work on Upstream?
How do I create a DAO?
Why can't I vote on a proposal or poll?
What are the benefits of DAOs?
Connecting ENS domain to Upstream Collective.
What is a DAO?